Sudan - Umdurman - 2011-08-04 - 2011-08-06

As part of its efforts to achieve qualitative excellence in its academic and administrative programs, and in implementation of its quarter century strategic plan, the conference comes five years after the second conference to evaluate the educational system and achieve development in all it aspects. After the first and second conferences have established firm foundation for building, this conference came to complete the elements that would achieve sustainable development and continue the process of review that aims at reaching the highest levels of excellence and confronting the variables in all political, economic and social fields.

Part of perfecting the conference work in order to proceed in a balanced and integrated manner, and according to consistent scientific approach, the Supreme Committee set the following guidelines:

 1. Scientific consideration on a systematic basis in all aspects of the educational process.

 2. The rules agreed upon to review the curricula and their contents at the departments and faculties shall be objective, standardized and clear in purposes.

3. Taking into consideration opinions and observations of experts and specialists from outside the university in deliberations and recommendations.

4. Adopting Collective decision-making at all levels.

5. Taking into consideration what was stated in the strategic plan of the university in planning for the next five years.





In the context of preparation for the conference procedures, the following principles and stages were adopted for approving the proposals and recommendations of the committees:

  1. The Faculties and units of the university shall approve their works on three levels:
  1. Department Council (Sub-Committee).
  2. Faculty Council (the competent committee).
  3. A symposium attended by specialists and experts.
  1. The reports of departments and faculties were submitted to the technical committee composed of the members of the University Senate.
  2. Final reports of the Supreme Committee of the Conference were submitted for final approval.
  3. After being approved by the Committee, the reports were sent to three arbitrators (at professorship grade) and a report was written on them.

The membership of the conference consisted of:

  1. Faculty members of the University.
  2. Directors of administrative units, their deputies and faculty registrars.
  3. Faculty members, specialists and experts from other universities.
  4. Representatives of student unions and a number of outstanding students.
  5. A number of graduates of the University.

The conference was held on Tuesday, the 6th of Dhu-al-Qa’ida 1429 H corresponding to the 4th of November 2008 AD - Thursday, the 8th of Dhu-al-Qa’ida, 1429 h corresponding to the 6th of November 2008 AD, at the new library Hall of the female- student Campus near Abd Al- Qayoom Gate.  The sessions were held from 9 am to 9 pm.