The Vice Chancellor's Message

In The Name Of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful


Praise be to Allah who says: AL Rahman, taught the Qur’an, created the human being, and taught him the elocution. And prayers and peace be upon who the Qur’an was his morals, our Prophet Mohammed, his family, his companions and those who followed him with extreme faith (Ihsan).

   The University of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Sciences is considered to be one of the products of the scientific and academic progress in Sudan. No doubt that a great extension in both quality and quantity has occurred in the institutions of high education. This extension was essential because high education represents the major pillar of human, economical, social, political and educational development. It is the appropriate means to qualify the nation to face the increasing challenges in the era of technology and information.

   The University of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Sciences was founded on the 21st   of Zilhijah 141 -H corresponding to 14th June 199 to be a leading ideological Islamic and Cultural institution that works for producing knowledge on the guidance of the Holy Qur’an and the purified Sunnah of the Prophet, and to strengthen the scientific research for the authentication of sciences. This should come in response to the latest developments of the time in the form of instruction, reforming and participation in the process of shaping and developing the community.

    The mission of the university is to confirm and authenticate the identity of the nation. It is represented in teaching the Holy Qur’an and its sciences, Sunnah of the prophet and its sciences, Arabic language and its literature, and all the sciences of religion and community. Besides, studying the Islamic heritage, enriching the Sudanese life with the fundamentals of Islamic human civilization, and employing all that for the service of the community. The university is also concerned with the scientific research on the issues of the community through the fundamentals of Islamic ideology that can take in the matters of the time.

 Since its foundation, the university has witnessed continual vertical and horizontal growth in programs, systems, organizations, faculties, deanships and specialized centers.

 After the completion of the required organizations, the university is taking steady steps towards the local, regional and international distinction which will lead to academic accreditation. Furthermore, the university has already formed the Board of Quality and Distinction, the Center for Assessment, Self-evaluation and Accreditation, and the Center of professional Development and Quality Assurance.    Then this web-site has been established on the internet to reflect these efforts worldwide and to be a means for communication between.

  Dear partner, as we share the same targets, we do have the honor to invite you to pay us frequent visits to further strengthening of our relation.

Please send your advice, opinions and suggestions to help us in realizing that.

May Allah take care of you and help us all to achieve our wishes.



The Vice Chancellor