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Wednesday 4 April, 2018- The Center for Professional Development announces the following courses in April 2018:

First/ University Academic Staff Performance Development

Course Objectives:

1. To develop professional competence in using education aids and technologies.
2. To Provide trainees with the ethics of university teaching.
3. To introduce trainees to growth characteristics of different age stages.
4. To introduce quality assurance and accreditation standards.
5. To introduce the latest methods of curriculum design and development.
6. To learn about international experiences in open and distance education.
7. To develop sense of time value as an important resource in life.

Course Content:

University Teaching Ethics - University Education Study Systems - Development of Sense of Time, Assessment and Evaluation in University Education - Educational Psychology - University Student Guidance and Methods -  University Curriculum Development and Design - The Role of Faculty Member in Management and Leadership - Scientific Research Skills - University Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance - Distance Learning and Open Education - University Teaching Methods and Applications - University Role in Community Service - Taseel (Authentication) and Integration of Values - ​​Systems of Higher Education Institutions.

Second/ Management Development

Course Objectives:

1. To develop effective communication skills.
2. To develop sense of time as an important resource in life.
3. To develop report writing skills.
4. To develop meeting management skills.
5. To develop conflict management skills.
6. To train trainees on management of work stress.

Course Content:

Development of Sense of Time  -  Writing Administrative Reports - Administrative Conflict - Meeting Management - Work Stress.

Third/ Advanced Course in Graphics and Presentation

Course Objectives:

1. To identify the properties and features of OneNote program.
2. To enable trainees to deal with OneNote program in keeping documents, research and books.
3. To develop skills of preparing and designing of presentation slides through Visio and Prezi.

The course includes the following programs: Microsoft Visio, Microsoft OneNote and Prezi.

Target Audiences:
1. Faculty members at universities and those wishing to work as faculty members.
2. Public and private sector employees.
Training time:  All courses start at 1:00 pm.

  • Training time:  All courses start at 1:00 pm.
  • Place: Center for Professional Development Hall - Al-Neelain Mosque Eastern Square-

University Administration - Al-Mawrada Street.


Registration is open at the Center premises

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