Sudan - Umdurman -

The Holy Quran and Islamic Studies University

2003-08-05 - 2003-08-07

 The idea of ​​the second conference on “Evaluation of the Educational System” came within the context of the U of HQIS’s efforts and endeavors to achieve qualitative excellence at all its programs. The University looks to its immediate and distant future with a keen eye, an open heart and a conscious mind, gathering its strength, endeavoring with interest guided by its mission, benefiting from experiences of others to realize some of its aspirations and hopes in linking originality with modernity , religion and the present world according to a scientific vision, expertise of specialists and good scientific method, in order to ensure mastery of work to achieve excellence in the fields of various disciplines guided by the Quranic verse (Surely Allah is with those who keep their duty and those who do good (to others)).

 The idea of ​​the second conference on evaluation of the educational system came six years after the experience of the first conference was broadened and after implementation of its decisions and recommendations was realized. The University Senate at its meeting (8.2003 AD), issued resolution no (64) on organizing the Second Conference on Evaluation of the Educational System at the University to evaluate, update and develop the educational process in accordance with the international scientific principles and standards.

 The conference was held and laid rules and regulations that would help the university to improve its scientific and administrative performance.