Sudan - Khartoum - 2013-12-18 - 2013-12-19

Praise be to Allah who by His blessings all good things are perfected, and prayers and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions and those who follow them with righteousness until the Day of Judgment.

Under the auspices of Mr. Ali Othman Mohamed Taha, Vice-President of the Republic, at the Friendship Hall, Khartoum, from 25th to 27th Rajab 1427H corresponding to 19-21 August 2006, the Department of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) of Sunnah Al-Sirah and Hadith Sciences at the Holy Quran Research Center, held a scientific symposium on “The Status of Prophethood, between Honoring of the Loving and Offense of Haters”.

The following is a brief description:

Fifty researchers were invited from Sudan and abroad where (27) researchers attended and presented papers on different themes. In this regard, the organizers made a great effort to get in contact and follow up with the participants using various communication means and technologies (phone calls, letters, emails, fax, etc.).

Among the most prominent participant from abroad were Dr. Othman Abu Zeid Othman (Media advisor to the Muslim World League and the League's envoy in Makkah), Dr. Abdul Fattah Mohammed Farah: (Economic Adviser to Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Ahmed Sami Abu Laban: (Chairman of the Scandinavian Endowment in Denmark).

 Among the most prominent participants from Sudan were: Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Ali Imam (Advisor to the President), Dr. Abdul Wahab Othman (former Minister of Finance), Dr. Atijani Abd Al-Qadir (Advisor to the Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Government Financial Instruments), Ustaz. Ataiyib Mustafa (Former Minister of Information), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Othman Salih, Vice Chancellor of Omdurman Islamic University, and Prof. Dr. Asaoori, Vice Chancellor of Al-Neelain University.