Sudan - Khartoum - 2009-01-06 - 2009-01-08

 Under the auspices of Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, President of the Republic and  participation of a group of distinguished scholars and intellectuals from Sudan and abroad, and the presence of a large group of specialists and academics, the Second International Scientific Conference on Knowledge Integration between the Teachings of Divine Revelation (Ulum al-wahy) and Universe Sciences’ under the theme "Towards a Scientific Methodology of Knowledge" was organized by the Research Center of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.  The conference works lasted from Tuesday, 1st  Muharram 1430 H corresponding to 6th  January 2009 AD - Thursday, 12th  Muharram 1430 H corresponding to 8th  January 2009 AD.

 Under the dominance of positivism curricula, imposition of their philosophy and dissemination of their culture, values ​​and ethics through superiority on the materialistic level; and under the predominance of the doctrine of pleasure over all aspects of life, the increasing power of globalization and domination of  superpowers over all issues, subservience to the norms and facts of today’s world and confining to the seen world, the human community will urgently feel the need those who can inform people of the truths of the unseen so as to restore them the belief in the oneness of Allah , and belief in the destinies of His kingdom and His creatures regarding both seen and unseen worlds where there is nothing that can unify guidance of man to the truths of the unseen to strengthen his faith in the seen as can the verses of the Holy Quran.

 Since centers of scientific research, and research methodological process of attaining knowledge in particular are those which do actually guide predominant communities’ activities in terms of content and conveying means, the equivalent to that will be nothing but effort and diligence to reflect on the seen and observable world with clear vision, and to resort to revelation with the greatest possible ability, intention, and true reflection to know Allah the Creator and the One to be worshipped. Moreover, the same effort and diligence should be directed to demonstrate the methodology of Islam in the knowledge directed to the human community, starting with the true sciences of religion or rational natural sciences, and ending with other sciences. And since it has dedicated itself to serve this mission with other concerned parties, the U of HQIS has decided to begin this through the Research Center of the Holy Quran and Sunnah by holding a global conference to which it will invite specialists from Sudan and abroad.