Sudan - Khartoum -

place : Conference Hall, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

date : 17-18 Shawwal 1438 H / 11-12 July 2017 AD

2017-07-11 - 2017-07-12

Islamic Awqaf (endowments) have witnessed rapid development in the religious, Da’wah, economic and socials aspects of life, which has had a remarkable effect on the Islamic economy.

  In the context of evaluating the experience of Islamic endowments and its role in achieving economic and social stability, the 5th  International Scientific Conference comes under the title: Islamic Waqf (Islamic Endowment) ‘Challenges and Future Prospects” , in continuation of the University's policy in holding international scientific conferences.

First the conference Title:


The Fifth International Scientific Conference

“Islamic Waqf (Islamic Endowment) ‘Challenges and Future Prospects”


Second: Date: The conference will be held on Tuesday to Wednesday 17-18 Shawwal 1438 H / 11-12 July 2017 Khartoum - Sudan.

Third:   The Conference theme: “Islamic Waqf is Sadaqa Jariyah (Perpetual Charity) and A Ceaseless Growth” 

Fourth: The Conference Themes

The First Theme: The History of Waqf, its concepts, Fiqh (jurisprudence), and its purposes. It deals with the following elements:

• Waqf in Islam: Concept and Meaning.

• Jurisprudence of Waqf and its Ahkam (Laws governing Waqf).

• Endowments purposes


The Second Theme: the priorities of Waqf and its new forms. It deals with the following elements:

• Endowment priorities.

• New forms of Waqf.

• Takaful (cooperative) endowments and realizing social stability.

• Endowments revenues, and methods of employing them in fields of scientific services.


The Third Theme: legislation, laws and regulations. It deals with the following elements:

• The impact of legal legislation on promotion of Waqf.

• Problems of authorities dispute over Waqf.

• Views and proposals to amend Waqf legislation.

• Administrative systems of Waqf and ways to develop them.

• Effective supervisory and administrative means in managing Waqf.

• The accounting system of Waqf.


The Fourth Theme: the economics of Waqf. It deals with the following elements:

• Waqf and economic development.

• Waqf shares, instruments and funds.

• The risks of investing on endowments funds.

The Fifth Theme: Waqf experiences: local, regional, and global.