The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Ahmed Saeed Ahmed, chaired the meeting of the Center for Evaluation Quality and Excellence held in Al Neelain Mosque Hall.  The meeting was held in the presence of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Maawya Ahmed Sayyid Ahmed, Director of the Center Prof. Mohamed Al Basheer Mohamed Abd Al Hadi and members of the Council.

The meeting discussed the Center's plan for 2017 which includes a number of programs and projects, most notably the institutional evaluation of the university and establishment of statistics and information unit at the university in addition to formation of associations of the university graduates in the states. The meeting also presented the quarterly report on the center's performance for the year 2017 which contains a number of projects and activities the most important of which are training of administrative units and faculties' quality employees and writing work procedures manual for 34 units and 6 university branches. The activities also included evaluating faculty members by student and selection of the outstanding university employee from the 34 units of the University.

On his part, the Vice Chancellor stressed paying due attention and sponsoring for all projects and programs of the Center for achieving advancement of the university in accordance with total quality standards. He also directed the Scientific Committee of the Center to follow up the quality procedures and applications and called for activating work of the self-assessment committee at all faculties, units and departments in order to apply the constitutional accreditation quality and evaluation system asserting that the educational system conference was designed according to the accreditation and quality standards.

The Director of the Center for Evaluation and Quality, on his part, revealed the existence of a number of challenges and problems that hinder performance at the center which include structural instability of the operating units as well as lack of interaction between faculties and units' representatives and the center, demanding the university administration to improve work environment besides organizing training courses, in addition to recruiting statistical analysts.

 The meeting called for activation of the information and statistics unit at the center, as well as for exerting more efforts to achieve reliability in quality.