In the framework of the program of the High Committee for Dawah convoys for the month of Ramadan 1438 AH, the University organized a convoy to the Red Sea State, Sinkat Locality and surrounding areas on 30th May – 4th June lead by Dr. Mohamed Hashim Mohammed Adam, Dean of Port Sudan Branch.

The convoy was comprised of Dr. Mustafa Abdullah Khairy, Professor Abu Bakar Anour Seedna, Professor Hamza Mohamed Adam, Professor Idris Ismaeel Idris and Director of the Women's Centers at the Faculty of Community, Sinkat Branch Dr. Khadija Jafar Hassan. The convoy was received by the Secretary of the Islamic Movement, Tahir Mohamed Onour and a number of local leaders.

The delegation of the convoy presented a number of lessons, lectures and religious preaching at a number of areas and mosques in Sinkat and Jabeit. The most important lectures presented included "Jurisprudence of Worship, "the Purposes of fasting" and" Is Fasting a habit or worship?"Values of Fasting".

It is worth mentioning that the convoy also carried out a number of visits in the state.

On the closing day, the Secretary of the Islamic Movement organized a communal breakfast in honor of the farewell of the convoy. Professor Tahir Mohammed Onour, Secretary of the Islamic Movement, appreciated the convoy's efforts and the programs carried out in Sinkat locality. On his part, Dr. Mohamed Hashim Mohammed Adam Secretary of the convoy expressed his thanks to the Secretary of the Islamic Movement and commissioner of Sinkat pointing to the importance of the programs carried out by the convoy and its role in dissemination of Dawah, calling for the need to continue these convoys to cover all areas, cities and rural areas in the state.