Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, the speaker of the National Assembly stressed the need for scientific and Islamic jurisprudential communication as well as social communication between generations. He called for paying special attention to Arabic language for its precision in conveying intended meanings and knowledge.

Addressing the Social Communication program of Sijadat (Sufi Orders) and Khalawi (Quran memorization schools), which was hosted by the weekly Sirrah Majlis at Ashuhada Hall at the U of HQIS, Prof. Omar also expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the University at the national and international levels.

On his part, Dr. Jabir Idriss Aweisha, head of the Supreme Council for Da’wah and Guidance in Khartoum State, explained the efforts of the Supreme Committee at the celebration of Al-Mawlid Ashareef (the Prophet's birthday) this year, reconstruction of mosques and rehabilitation of women prisoners, adding that the social communication program has included 40 of al-turuq al-sufiya (Sufi Orders), Da’wah groups and the various Da’wah community groups.

Professor Ahmed Saeed Salman, the Vice Chancellor of the U of HQIS, for his part, presented examples of the University's activities at the national, regional and international levels. He further presented a brief introduction about the weekly Sirrah Majlis, noting that it has been held every Saturday after Maghrib prayer for dozens of years and has reached 1125 sessions.

It is also worth mentioning that Mr. Ayman Farouq Al-Sayyid Ali presented a short model lecture for Al-Sirrah Majlis.