Thursday 22 March, 2018- Mr. Abd Allah Al-Jaili, Commissioner of Sharq Al-Neel Locality, witnessed on Thursday, the end of “Da’wah Advanced Skills Course” organized by Institute for Imams and Duaat-University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences in cooperation with Secretariat of Da’wah and Guidance at the Locality.

Mr. Al-Jaili called for making the best use of the various Da’wah experiences, announced organizing of another training course in media for Imams and Duaat, praised the role played by the University of the Holy Quran in the field of Da’wah, and stressed his readiness to adopt a number of training courses and to establish partnerships and integrating relationship with the University.

On his part, Prof. Saeed Mohamed Ali, Dean of the Faculty of Community at the University, stressed the university's interest in imams and Duaat adding that "A Da’iyah (a preacher of Islam) must be aware of what is going on around him”

It is worth mentioning that the training course targeted 120 male and female participants in a duration of one week, at which theoretical and practical lectures were given on skills of contemporary Da’wah discourse, Sciences of the Quran, Rhetoric and its Methods, Contemporary Intellectual Madhabs (Islamic Schools of Thought), Fiqh(Islamic Jurisprudence) of Da’wah and Intellectual Immunity.