Wednesday 18 April, 2018- Addressing the graduation ceremony of the course on Islamic Studies, Farming and Gardening organized on Tuesday evening by Faculty of Community, Sinkat Branch, Dr. Abbas Hamid Al Aa’lim, Principal of the U of HQIS, appreciated the various training courses carried out by the Faculty of Community branches in Sudan states. Mr. Al Aa’lim called for making the best use of such training courses announcing another training course in electricity for females in Sinkat Locality stressing the university's full interest in all community categories.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Saeed Othman, Dean of the Faculty of Community, Sinkat Branch, said that the training course included Islamic sciences, development and productivity, explaining that the course aimed at linking the receivers of the course with the Holy Quran to abide by its way. It also included improving capacity in production, development and taking part in raising household incomes through developing productive families and implementing productive projects.

The course comprised theoretical and practical activities in production and productivity that included calling for legal earning,  stating the importance of land promotion and  agriculture (home garden) in addition to ways of cultivating agricultural land and the best ways to plant seeds.


It is worth mentioning that the training course targeted 65 female-students from various districts of Sinkat Locality.