Wednesday 18 April, 2018- Honored by the attendance of the Red Sea Governor, Minister of State in the Ministry of Information, Minister of Social Affairs, Culture and Information in the Red Sea State, Principal of the U of HQIS, and a number of leaders from U of HQIS and Islamic Da’wah Organization, the U of HQIS and Islamic Da’wah Organization organized a graduation ceremony for four hundred imams, Duaat, and Quran Memorizers.

Addressing the graduation Ceremony on Tuesday at Eitaneina Hall, Mr. Ali Ahmed Hamid, the Red Sea Governor, confirmed the State’s readiness to provide scholars and Duaat (preachers of Islam) with projects to improve their living standards. He also called for organizing specialized training courses in coordination with the U of HQIS and Islamic Da’wah Organization.

The ceremony was organized by the Islamic Da’wah Organization in cooperation with Zakat Chamber and academic supervision by U of HQIS, Port Sudan Branch. It is worth mentioning that
the governor of the State appreciated the efforts exerted by the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic sciences towards the Community.

Dr. Fatima Mustafa Al-Khalifa, Minister of Social Affairs, Culture and Information in the Red Sea State, announced the readiness of the Ministry to support those who assume responsibility of knowledge and work among imams, Duaat and women by providing different means of work and project opportunities from different sources.

On his part, Dr. Abbas Hamid Al Aa’lim, Principal of U of HQIS, stressed the university's interest in the different community categories pointing out that Imams, Duaat and women are among the most important ones. He mentioned a number of partnerships carried out by the university and the Islamic Da’wah Organization stressing the University's readiness to organize more advanced and specialized training courses.
Dr. Al Aa’lim expressed his thanks to the state Governor, members of his government, various bodies, institutions, groups and entities for their contribution to the university Nafeer (raising money for university projects).