Tuesday 24 April, 2018- River Nile State witnessed opening of the Summer Work Festival which was honored by the attendance of H.E Major General Hatim Al Waseela, Governor of the River Nile State, Mr. Al Tayyib Al Misbah, Commissioner of Ad-Damar State, Dean of Student Affairs at the Nile Valley University Student Affairs Secretary. The event also witnessed participation of the Deanship of Female-Students at the Department of Da’wah Training and International Students by a number of female students from East Asia and Indonesia in cooperation with Student Welfare Organization.

Mr. Abd Al- Nassir Ahmad Youssif, the Secretary of the Organization expressed his thanks to the State government and institutions that contributed to making the success of this program.

It is worth mentioning that the program was launched with a number of visits which included the railway Museum, Atbara Flour Mills, Barbar Cement Factory, mining areas and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Badri University, and were concluded by a visit to Al-Begrawiya area

Mr. Mohamed Abd Allah Al-Qadhi, the Secretary-General of the International Student Welfare Organization, expressed his gratitude for the generous treatment he received through this convoy to the River Nile which toured the entire state, and learned about all aspects of development and contributions of the State to a number of economic projects that take part in developing the economy of Sudan.

Mr. Al-Qadhi appreciated the role of international students, who represent a distinguished body, and came to study from all over the world to learn about the customs and traditions of Sudanese community.

General Hatim Al Waseela, Governor of River Nile State, expressed his deep appreciation for the response to the summer work activities hosted by the State government.

It is worth mentioning in his briefing about the history of Sudan in the State, the newly discovered pyramids and tourist and archaeological areas, General Al Waseela called for strengthening relations between the state government and the Organization stressing his readiness to host future summer work programs.