Monday 2 July, 2018- Addressing the symposium on “Means of Production and Capacity Development” organized by the Subsidiary Body of the U of HQIS workers in cooperation with the Center for Training and Agricultural Development,   Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Abakar, the financial secretary of the Subsidiary Body of the U of HQIS, emphasized their interest in providing the employees with the necessary productive projects and services in order to take part in lifting the burden of the cost of living. Mr. Abakar also stressed the importance of the qualitative shift from consumers to producers.

On his part, Mr. Mustafa Khaleefa, Director of the Center for Training and Agricultural Development, appreciated the partnership between the Center and the Subsidiary Body, noting that the projects are designed to achieve stability for the individual at all levels. He further stressed the center’s readiness to offer training on the proposed projects which include production of dairy products (yoghurt and cheese etc), vegetables, drying vegetables, fruits, orchards, agricultural and livestock production, and fish farming.

In the same context, Mr. Khaleefa called on the university employees to receive the required training courses to ensure the production, marketing and promotion of these projects, where he appreciated the efforts exerted by the Subsidiary Body during the last period.