Mr. Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Radhi, the Sirrah Weekly Majilis General Supervisor at the U of HQIS, affirmed that the mission of the Majilis is not only limited to offering academic lectures but also seeks to contribute to developing a nation based on true love, cooperation and participation with others.

This has come on addressing the event organized by the Sirrah Weekly Majilis in cooperation with the Da’wah Office of Sheikh Ayman Farouq Al-Al-Sayyid at Ashuhada Hall, for honoring his Excellency Colonel Dr. Abd Arahman Al- Ja'ali Ali, Spokesman of the Backup Forces on the occasion of his selection as military attaché to the General Consulate of Sudan in Jeddah,

Mr. Al-Radhi said that the honoring is an appreciation for His Excellency Colonel Dr. Al-Ja'ali, member of the Sirrah Weekly Majilis for his contribution to the Majilis. Mr. Al-Radhi also reminded Dr. Al-Ja'ali of “establishing a Majilis for Sirrah in Jeddah as an extension of endeavors for achieving this very message for which we have been working”.

Sheikh Ayman Farouq Al- Al-Sayyid Ali, Imam of Bahri al-Ateeq Mosque said "The event is an honor to the Armed Forces and all who attend the Sirrah Weekly Majilis," noting that Dr. Al- Ja'ali will be a good representative for introducing the Sudanese values ​​and morals.

On his part, his Excellency Dr. Al-Ja'ali expressed his great happiness for the honoring, saying that the Sirrah Weekly Majilis has been a great benefit to him adding that the number of Council's sessions, which has exceeded 1149 is a true evident for its success and honesty of those in charge.