Prof. Muawya Ahmed Sayyid Ahmed, the University's Acting Vice Chancellor, called on the university community to exert more effort, preserve spirit of team work and to reflect a positive image, especially as the University is preparing and looking forward towards a new distinguished academic year.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Sayyid Ahmed’s words came at the event took place on Sunday, August 26, 2018, in Ashuhada Hall at the University's 1439 H-Muaayda (celebration) of Eid Al-Adhaha (Festival of Sacrifice) which was honored by the presence of Prof. Ahmed Khalid Babikir ( former U of HQIS Vice Chancellor), Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Dhareer, Secretary General of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, Mr. Ismaeel Abd Araheem, Executive Director of the Research Center for Intellectual Care and Immunization, Dr. Abbas Hamid Mohamed Hamid Al Aa’lim, the University Principal, deans of faculties, heads of centers, deanships, administrations, heads of academic and administrative departments, academic staff, employees and workers.

Prof. Muawya Ahmed Sayyid Ahmed said that the university has annually organized these Muaayadat (celebrations) for enhancing environment of giving and reinforcing values of brotherhood, compassion and love for one another, advice and cooperation, pointing out that it is an occasion in which meanings of sacrifice are expressed in obeying the command of Allah The Al-Mighty.

Prof. Sayyid Ahmed also expressed his appreciation to all employees for the great efforts, good values, sincerity at work and keenness on charity work, asking Allah to always bless us with these good days , good health, well-being and prosperity.

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Bashir, head of the Muaayada Committee, stressed that this meeting reflects strengthening of social relations and sustaining communication between members of the university community where he asked Allah The Al-Mighty to shower the Islamic Ummah with good, blessings, security, peace and stability.

On his part, Dr. Yassir Abd Al-Hameed, the Secretary-General of the Subsidiary Body of the University Workers reviewed the projects carried out by the Subsidiary Body during the last period, noting that the Authority pays great attention to its staff in providing the necessary services, adding that the next period is expected to witness implementation of a number of training courses and productive projects for the University employees.

It is also worth mentioning that the celebration included a number of distinguished creative activities.