The Executive Financial Committee of the Council of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences held a meeting at Al-Neelain Mosque Hall, in the presence of Prof. Al-Habr Yusuf Nur-Adaim, Chairman of the Council, Prof. Ahmed Saeed Salman, Vice Chancellor of the University, and membership of the council from inside and outside the university.

The committee has approved the project of establishing the Teaching Hospital of the university in the university campus in Salha in Omdurman which was designed by Hamdi Consulting Group.

Prof. Salman, said that “the hospital is an investment teaching hospital that will provide services for the community in the city, Sudan and countries of the region”. He added that ​​“the hospital occupies an area of about 55000 square meters with 8 medical wards that provide all clinical services, and is provided with a helipad”.

It is also worth mentioning that the committee has approved the university’s 2019 draft budget.