Addressing the information meeting on the Sixth Scientific Competition on Open- Book System in Islamic Culture, Prof. Ahmed Saeed Salman, the Vice Chancellor of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences, stressed excellence of the university at all national and international events, noting that the international community attests to the university's mission.

Mr. Salman appreciated the efforts of Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Abd AL- Qadir Al-Firjabi, the sponsor for these competitions which have so far exceeded six competitions on the open book- system, five via electronic media, and one on scientific research where he expressed his thanks to the Faculty of Community describing it as the university’s window to the different categories of the community.

For his part, Dr. Najm Adeen Idris Beezi, Dean of the Faculty of Community, said that the main objective of these competitions is to disseminate the mission of the university to consolidate the values ​​of faith, cultural, social and educational values, encouraging reading, scientific research and development of intellectual skills, introducing sources and references, books, publications and scholars in various fields.

Mr. Beezi also pointed out to the scientific competitions organized by the Faculty in the previous years explaining that the number of participants in this competition is about 1650.

In the meantime, Dr. Samiya Tawfeeq, Chairperson of the Scientific Committee of the competition, gave a further explanation on the book of the competition in Islamic Culture, pointing out that the book is a real contribution and addresses important social issues. In the same context, Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al-Neel explained the rules and procedures of the competition in Islamic Culture stressing that the criteria used are meant to be international quality standards in order to achieve the competition’s objectives.

For his part, Dr. Mu'adh Khalil, registrar of the Faculty of Community, presented a background about the first scientific competition which dealt with four main themes: the problems related to society such as violence and crime, family and woman problems such as divorce, youth and student problems such as drugs, as well as problems of children and pupils such as school dropout, and child labor.

Mr. Khalil finally called on researchers to adhere to the rules of scientific method in writing research in a way that would take in the Islamic perspective indicating that the researches will be subject to scientific peer-reviewing of research.