The Faculty of Da’wah and Information at the University will organize a Faculty members writing forum on Tuesday. Dr. Abd Arahman Ja’far, the acting dean of the Faculty, said that the forum is a semi-monthly forum that aims at activating and encouraging the teaching staff members to write scientific papers, researches and course books.

The forum will begin on Tuesday with Dr. Abu Bakr Mohamed Al-Hassan, who will present a scientific paper entitled “The Art of Dealing and its Role in Enhancing the Intellectual Image of Islam”. The event will take place at the Faculty of Da’wah at the Male-Student Campus at 11a.m.

It is worth mentioning that the forum’s opening secession was on Wednesday 1/12/2019, where Dr. Ayman Mohamed Abd Al-Qadir presented a scientific paper entitled “The Prophetic Sunnah in the Western Orientalist Media Writings’ Point of View with Special Reference to the Dutch Experience”. It is also worth mentioning that the session was attended by Dr. Abd Arahman Ja’far, the Acting Dean of the Faculty, the Faculty Registrar, director of Sawt Al-Mathani Radio Channel, and Director of the Center for Media Training and Production at which the paper received extensive discussion and came up with a number of recommendations.