Prof. Muawya Ahmed Sayyid Ahmed, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University will address on Tuesday at the Fourth Training Forum, the self-evaluation workshop for academic programs and University Classification Criteria in the Red Sea State, organized by the University's Center for Evaluation, Quality and Excellence in cooperation with Port Sudan Branch.

Prof. Sayyid Ahmed stressed the importance of training in developing abilities and skills of Imams and Duaat (Preachers for Islam) in order to meet the current challenges. This came during the closing session of the training course for Imams and Duaat organized by the Faculty of Community in cooperation with Bunyan Company and the Islamic Social and Cultural Forum Center where he affirmed the necessity for establishing partnerships with training centers to organize such training courses.

On his part, Mr. Mohamed Omar Al-Tai, representative of Bunyan, said that the aim of the course was to develop abilities and skills of imams and Duaat in effective speaking and communication, voluntary work and other skills. He also appreciated the participants’ response and cooperation throughout the 10 days-course.

Sheikh Abd Al- Mohsin, representative of the trainees affirmed the great benefit of the course where he expressed his thanks and appreciation to Bunyan Company, the Center of the Islamic Forum and the Faculty of Community for organizing the course calling for more training courses for Imams and Duaat.

In conclusion, teachers, trainers and partners were honored and certificates were distributed to trainees.

 In the same context, the Faculty of Community concluded an Islamic Studies Course for Um Maabad Classes in Marabee Al-Sharif in Sharq Al-Neel Locality at which 40 female-participants were graduated after receiving courses on Quran and Tajweed, interpretation, Fiqh, Prophetic Biography and Aqeedah (Islamic Faith).

The ceremony was attended by a number of the University professors and members of the Faculty of Community headed by Mr. Saeed Mohamed Ali, Head of Continuing Education Department and representative of the Dean of Faculty, Dr. Muaaz Abd Allah Hassan, Registrar of the faculty, Dr. Adam Ibrahim, Professor of Interpretation, Dr. Abu Al- Qasim Ahmed Omar from the Faculty of Quran ,Professor Nada ATajj  from Al-Neelain Khalwa (Quran Teaching Class), and Sheikh Yahya Daka representative of the Islamic Da’wah Organization.

On her part, Ms. Buthaina Mohamed Fadhl, Director of the Classes, expressed her thanks and appreciation to the university administration and the Faculty of Community for organizing such courses affirming their importance for housewives.

On the behalf of the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Saeed Mohamed Ali, said that the Faculty will organize these courses in Khartoum and other States in fulfillment of University’s mission as an intellectual, religious and cultural institution where he passed on to the course recipients congratulations from the Vice Chancellor of the University and the Dean of the Faculty of Community.

 In conclusion, the participating professors and Faculty members were honored, and certificates were distributed to the female-graduates.