In 12th Rajab 1421 H corresponding to 27.1.2001 AD, the U of HQIS organized a conference on Epistemological Methodology at which the establishment of Epistemological Methodology Institute was recommended.

This was followed by the university Senate decision on establishing ‘the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah Research Center’. It is a specialist research center located in Omdurman city, Sudan. It is concerned with linking Knowledge of the Teachings of the Divine Revelation (Ulum al-wahy) and Universe Sciences on the basis of research and methodology where it focuses on encouraging researchers and providing training. The center has a web site for publishing its research production.

The center carries out its activities through a scientific board, an executive administration and scientific departments with a number of researchers from the university academic staff and others. These departments are concerned with strengthening relationships between the center and institutions of similar interests, convening efforts of those concerned with epistemology issue, and linking all sciences with their epistemological sources.