To develop the University's information technology services to achieve excellence at the local, regional and international level.

To disseminate the culture and the importance of using technology in information field among all employees of the university; to provide equipment and devices of advanced high-technology, to develop appropriate informatics’ software and systems and use them effectively and efficiently to provide integrated quality in information and communications technology.

• To develop operational plans and development programs for IT management and supervision according to the university's plans in this area.

• To provide modern technologies to contribute to raising efficiency and quality work at university in order to support decision making process at all levels of management.

• To set current and future plans for developing the necessary and appropriate equipment, systems and software for all administrative, financial, scientific tasks; and to provide supportive environment for electronic management of the University.

• To design and supervise implementation of networking between the various units of the University.

• To develop the university website and update its information in the way that would reflect the university’s academic, research and community activities.

• To set forth proposals for the required conditions and technical specifications for computers, their systems, software and technical equipment.

• To provide the necessary technical support to enable users of attaining optimal use of computers and available software.

• To carry out supervision and follow-up in order to provide internet services to the various units of the University.

• To develop a system for regular and emergency maintenance of devices and equipment of computer systems and software; and to follow-up relevant contracts.

• To propose appropriate training programs in computers and its systems for the different units of the university.

• To coordinate with all units of the university to identify their urgent and development needs such as computer hardware, applications and systems at the right time to be included in the university annual budget.

• To provide consultations and feasibility studies in information technology field.