The Media Training Department seeks to develop students and media professionals on the professional aspect, as it endeavors to secure an advanced scientific position in the field of media training; and to employ modern media sciences, knowledge and technology for the service of the community.


  • To develop distinguished graduates capable of practicing media work with a high level of quality and proficiency.
  • To keep abreast of technological developments in the fields of media.
  • To actively contribute to supporting and developing profession and professionals.
  • To reinforce professional ethics.
  • To contribute to community service.

• To provide training on application of concepts and theories in media practice, and to employ them professionally.

• To detect and develop communications skills of all kinds.

• To promote students' professional values ​​and ethics.

• To develop critical thinking and ability to evaluate media activities.

• To provide training on the use of modern communication technology in information field.  

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