• To prepare the general strategic plan for quality assurance and qualification for accreditation.
  • To carry out planning for executive and procedure programs issued by the board of directors.
  • To determine the organizational and technical requirements for implementing the quality system.
  • To prepare an integrated system for continuous self-evaluation of the university's academic and administrative performance.
  • To develop systems and regulations for evaluation processes and quality assurance systems.
  • To prepare the procedures manual to identify and document the different roles of employees.
  • To direct development and quality control coordinators at this unit and at all other quality units at the university’s faculties and departments.
  • To organize conferences, workshops, lectures, awareness campaigns and introductory programs on quality system and its requirements.
  • To prepare and publish booklets, publications, drawings and paintings of quality systems.
  • To supervise training courses in evaluation and quality assurance.

عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً
عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً