• To conduct and monitor institutional and program evaluation processes.
  • To prepare questionnaires and forms used in assessment and evaluation.
  • To collect information, data and observations on functioning quality assurance system activities.
  • To verify the level of applied practices of quality standards and indicators content.
  • To carry out continuous evaluation to ensure good use of human and non-human resources.
  • To conduct evaluation research for the purpose of development and improvement of the university.
  • To follow-up implementation of the Quality System Procedure Manual (Procedures Manual)
  • To prepare accreditation reports and to follow-up faculties’ accreditation obtaining stages.
  • To prepare periodic reports on follow-up results to be submitted to the director of the Center and Board of Directors.
  • To propose awards for excellence, to set their criteria; and to monitor and document their effectiveness.

عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً
عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً