• To follow up and organize administrative and financial affairs of the Center in coordination with the University administration and the relevant authorities.
  • To supervise personnel affairs, services, secretariat, procurement and resources of the Center.
  • To prepare and maintain files, documents and correspondence received and issued to the Center from inside and outside the university.
  •  To carry out preparation for the center’s activities and events by providing their requirements such as services.
  •  To carry out the functions of the secretariat and rapporteur at the meetings of the center's board of directors and the meetings at which the center participates.
  •  To maintain the center’s assets, property and furniture, and to supervise its maintenance and renewal.
  •  To coordinate with the University administration and other bodies in explaining the role of the Center at the university and its contributions to the field of quality.
  •  To provide assistance for the Center in preparation and implementation of its plans and programs that aim at achieving its set objectives.
  •  To participate in preparation of annual and periodic reports, and events’ reports on request of the Center.

عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً
عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً