The Center for Islamic Economics Studies was founded according to a proposed study by Scientific Council of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. It was approved by the Vice Chancellor of the university who issued administrative decision No. 19, 2012 on the establishment of the Center dated 21 Rabi Al-Thani, 1433 AH corresponding to March 14, 2012.

The Center seeks to introduce the methodology of the Islamic economics, the relation of the individual and finance in earning and expenditure, the community financial relation in distribution and deliberation, stating the Sharia rules and Ahkam(Islamic jurisprudential provisions) that govern economic life and financial transactions and statement of the comprehensiveness of Islam and its perfection in dealing with economic issues in various fields , its effectiveness in finding suitable solutions through referring to the sources of Islamic economic system as the supreme reference to all changes that arise in the area of economic life together with stating the extent of inadequacy of positive economic systems compared to the principles and characteristics of the Islamic economic system.


Prof. Hassan Mohamed Masha
Rajab 1439 H - April 2018 AD