The aim of this department is to communicate with scientific research institutions in Sudan and abroad, and to invite and encourage researchers to study issues of Islamic economic thought to work diligently on developing Islamic jurisprudential rulings and solutions for issues of finance and economy in response to current economic changes.

1. To set criteria for evaluating research and to determine research priorities in the light of current issues in Sudan and the Islamic world.
2. To propose research topics for researchers (from inside and outside the university) , to select the best of them, to carry out arbitration, to be presented them to the Center’s Board of Directors for approval and recommendation of printing and determining reward.

3. To coordinate with the Center’s Journal editorial board for issuance of a periodical high-standard peer-reviewed specialist academic journal.

4. To endeavor to invite academics to write reference and methodological books in Islamic economics discipline, to carry out arbitration and to present such reference books to the Scientific Council of the Center for printing recommendation.

5. To work in coordination with the Department of External Relations and Training in organizing local and international scientific conferences to discuss issues of economic authentication significance in the way which would realize the Center’s Scientific Council’s perspective.

 6. To make collection of all the books in Islamic economics discipline, classify it and prepare a documentary record to serve as a depository for Islamic economics thought.

Department Structure:
1. Prof. Abd Al Wahed Othman Mustafa – Head of Department

2. Dr. Ahmed Awad Ibrahim – Deputy Head of Department
3. Prof. Izz Al-Deen Malik Al-Tayyib - Member
4. Dr. Yahya Hamid Mustafa - Member
5. Dr. Majdy Abd Al-Raouf Banaga - Member
6. Dr. Ikhlas Abd Al-Qadir Abd Al-Raouf - Member and Rapporteur
7. Dr. Fatima Abd Arahman Sulaiman - Member
8. Dr. Nadia Najjar Mohamed - Member
9. Dr. Taha Ali Ahmed Taha – Member

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