The aim of this department is to strengthen ties with the community through workshops, scientific seminars, media communication and organizing training courses.

This is expected to be carried out through the following:
1. To organize regular workshops and forums according to address community issues.
2. To organize specialist training courses in Islamic economics.

3. To develop institutional relationship with relevant research centers at home and abroad through coordinating visits to exchange publications and take part in their activities for the purpose of contributing to the scientific endeavor at the local, regional and global levels.
4. To link the Center to the environment of the national economy, and to present its activity through the mass media.
5. To coordinate with Research and Documentation Department in preparation for local and international conferences.

Department Structure:
1. Prof. Mohamed Al-Fatih Al-Magharbi – Head of Department
2.Dr. Abd Al Moneim Mohamed Al Tayyib – Deputy Head of Department
3. Prof. Ibrahim Fadhl Al-Mawla Al-Basheer - Member
4. Dr. Mohamed Khalifa Siddeeq - Member
5. Dr. Omar Taj Alssir Mohamed - Member and Rapporteur
6. Dr. Mustafa Hasabo Basheer - Member
7. Dr. Al-Ameen Ibrahim Kabbashi - Member
8. Dr. Naji Mustafa Badawi - Member
9. Dr. Basheer Bakri Ajeeb – Member

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