Article I:

Title of Regulation and Commencement:

This Regulation shall be called (Regulation of Granting Honorary doctorate for 2011), and shall come into force from the date of signature.


Article II:


The Vice Chancellor: The Vice chancellor of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences.

Degree:  Honorary doctorate degree.

Article III:

The Senate shall grant the degree for the disciplines offered by the university.

The degree shall be granted for the person who has made a recognized contribution which achieves the objectives of the university.


Article IV:

Procedures of Granting the Degree:

The degree Shall be granted according to the following scientific steps:

1. Nomination shall be made through the councils of departments and faculties of the relevant discipline.


2. The nominating competent Faculty Council shall issue a decision proposing the approval of the nomination attached with CV and adequate justifications that qualify the person for being granted the degree.


3.  The council of the concerned faculty shall submit a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor to consider the nomination.


4. The Vice Chancellor shall form a specialized committee to look at the candidate’s eligibility for the degree.


5. The Vice Chancellor shall issue a recommendation to the Senate to approve the nomination for granting the degree.


6. The Senate shall consider the recommendation report of degree-granting or non-degree granting.

Article V:

Final Provisions:                                              

The issued certificate shall be signed by the Vice Chancellor, the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs, and the Dean of Graduate Studies.