To emphasize and authenticate the identity of the nation, and to serve the community by enriching the Sudanese life with the fundamentals of Islam and Arabic civilization.

1- To teach the Holy Quran, the Prophetic Sunnah & its Sciences, Arabic language & its literature, and the sciences of Islamic religion and social sciences.

2- To take an active part in developing the community in the Islamic World, developing students and awarding academic degrees.

1- To become a leading center for knowledge and studying the sciences of the Holy Quran and Arabic Language.

2- To take an active part in providing guidance for community development, raising awareness of Islamic values, and to enrich the Sudanese life with the fundamentals of Islam.

3- To  develop specialists in Sunnah and its sciences, Islamic studies and Arabic language equipped with considerable knowledge of the Holy Qur’an in memorization and Tajweed (study of the rules governing Qira'at which means methods of recitation of the Holy Quran)

4-  To develop specialists in Qur’anic Studies and related sciences of the Holy Quran.

5-  To provide opportunity for Hafadha (students who have completed memorization of the Holy Quran) to join the faculty in order to be specialized in the Holy Qur’an & its sciences.

6- To contribute to research and studies, and to participate in various disciplines.