It includes the following disciplines:

  • Qiraat (Quran Readings)
  • Tafseer (interpretation) and Quranic Sciences.
  • Hadith and its Sciences.
  • Aqeedah (Islamic Creed)

1. To preserve of the Holy Quran readings from tahreef (distortion) and alterations by preserving

     its various readings.

2. To enable students to memorize Quran readings Mutoon (basic texts of Quran readings science)

     of Shatibiyyah and Ad-Dura.

3. Mastering the ten Qiraat (readings) of the Quran.

4. To enable students to distinguish between Mutawatir (transmitted by many) al-

    shaz (irregularity of transmission) in Quran readings.

MA (Master’s) and Doctoral (PhD) degrees.

عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً
عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً