The Faculty offers courses in Islamic Studies in the following areas:

1. Elementary Education at masajid (mosques)

2. Mohtadeen (New Muslim converts to Islam) Supervisory programs

3. Dawah Convoys

4. Lectures and Symposia

5. Islamic Study Classes at Masajid (mosques)

6. Quran Memorization and Religious Sciences

7. Dawah to Islam Weeks, Reform and Discipline programs for prisons and camps

عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً

  • Imams and Duaat Diplomas
  • Certificates of short courses in Islamic Culture
  • Certificates of Attendance in a variety of fields

عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً
عفوا .. لا يوجد بيانات حالياً