Establishing an intellectually, culturally and socially developed community on the guidance of the Holy Quran and the Purified Prophetic Sunnah

Development of the nation in general, preservation of Islamic identity, authentication of life, and  contribution to dissemination of religious, social, family and cultural awareness.

1. To realize the mission of the university in community and to achieve the objectives of the university in teaching the Holy Quran and Islamic sciences.

2. To contribute to dissemination of educational and religious awareness and reinforcement of good values.

3. To contribute to promotion of social, family, environmental, and health education awareness at various educational levels through both regular and distance education.

4. To contribute to human development, dissemination of Islamic culture, paying due attention to educational media, and production and dissemination of educational programs.

5. To pay due attention to women development, acknowledge woman’s importance and unique status, and to focus on motherhood and child care.

6. To coordinate cooperation relationships with specialized community organizations and corporations.

7.  To carry out research, studies and to participate in various fields of training.

8.  To contribute to development, training and field research for the purpose of ability development and skill acquisition.

9.  To take advantage of available local resources and to use them for achieving goals.