Based on the U of HQIS Vice Chancellor’s decision No. (82) for the year 2012 on 3 Muharram 1433H corresponding to 28 November 2012 AD on preparing a study for the establishment of a Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, and which provides formation of a committee for setting out the proposal, the committee held several meetings and  achieved the following:


  • Discussing the tasks entrusted to the committee.
  • Developing an implementation plan.
  • Discussing and assigning tasks to the committee members through the meetings convened by the Committee.


  • The members were divided into four sub-committees according to the number of the Faculty’s proposed programs (Scientific Departments)
  • Discussion concluded an agreement on three programs (scientific departments).

The committees formed were as follows:

  1. Committee for setting the Infrastructure Proposal for the Establishment of the Faculty.
  2. Committee for Developing the Computer Sciences Program.
  3. Committee for preparing the Proposal of the Information Systems Program.
  4. Committee for preparing the Proposal of the Information Technology Program.


In conformity with the faculty model issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and benefiting from the experiences of some counterpart faculties of computer sciences and information technology inside and outside Sudan, the sub-committees set out a proposal including the proposed structure, academic plan and course contents


The programs’ academic plans included ten semesters for qualifying a student for the award of a Bachelor of honor in the specific discipline.


The final proposed plan was subjected to discussion, correction and amendment by the committee members.