The establishment of the Department of Information Technology came in response to meeting the community’s growing needs for computer technology and to contribute effectively to the development plans in our country.

This curriculum has been designed to contain these changes and to be consistent with both the epistemic and technical requirements that an information Technology graduate should have acquired, and to be in compliance with the guidelines of the model faculty of computers issued by the committee for computer studies at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


To be a leading program on a national and a global scale in the field of education and scientific research in information Technology discipline.


To develop qualified graduates in the field of Information Technology in order to contribute effectively to the establishment of knowledge community and to achieve the national goals of development through providing supportive academic environment for knowledge and acquisition of research and innovation skills in information Technology discipline. This is in addition to strengthening Islamic Aqeeda (faith) and religion in students in the way which would achieve the development of religiously and academically qualified leaders.

The department also seeks to establish cooperation with national and international institutions for the service of Islam.

  • To develop qualified graduates in Information Technology discipline.
  • To help students to acquire knowledge, skills and behaviors that will enable them to achieve excellence at graduate studies and scientific research.
  • To develop a sense of independence, self-motivation, and to establish knowledge of quality and sustainable improvement.
  • To train students on continuous individual work and team work.
  • To keep pace with developments in Information Technology.
  • To reinforce full understanding of profession responsibilities at work fields including work environment, social and ethical responsibilities.

This program awards bachelor of honors degree in Information Technology upon successful completion of the program which contains (216) credit hours to be completed in five academic years (ten semesters).

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