Praise be to Allah, Who taught by the pen taught man that which he knew not, who revealed the Book to His servant, and Messenger Muhammad bin Abdullah (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) to be the deliverer of glad tidings and a clear warner to the worlds, to be a guide to Allah’s path wherewith Allah’s permission. Praise be to Allah who made the Prophet explain and make easy the Quran. Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, his pure blessed family and his companions. The Prophet has delivered Islam in the truest way, and indeed he has left us upon a clear white path, its night is like its day. No one deviates from it after him, except that he is destroyed.” He stated that Al Ulama (Muslim scholars) are the heirs of the prophets, and that scholars do leave behind neither a dirham nor a dinar for inheritance, but rather, they leave behind knowledge, and whoever acquires it, has, in fact, acquired an abundant portion.”

  The Faculty of Sharia (Islamic Law) offers a new edition of the Faculty prospectus which includes distinguished curricula. These curricula came as a result of precise scientific review of curriculum plans and courses’ contents for which several academic workshops were held. They began with a workshop of academic staff members at which each member wrote down observations on the faculty courses for the purpose of preparing a comprehensive vision of the curriculum so that academic departments can begin in studying the proposed plans presented by the members of teaching staff in order to upgrade them to the level of the approved criteria followed in curriculum development and review. Then these proposed plans were submitted to the council of the faculty for coordination within the framework of the overall vision. In order to benefit from the experience of others, a higher committee for review was formed. This was followed by the third scientific conference on curricula that presented recommendation for endorsing the entire curricula of the faculty after being reviewed. The University Senate approved and appreciated that effort.

Thanks to everyone for their contribution of knowledge to this work and for sparing no time to accomplish it.


We ask Allah's acceptance, success and prosperity.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.