Praise be to Allah, He has created man.  He has taught him speech (and intelligence), and peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad who was sent in clear Arabic language to be a mercy for the worlds. The faculty is an extension of Omdurman higher Academic Institute which was established in 1403 H corresponding to 1983AD to offer Arabic language program of an originality-based teaching methodology. The faculty has occupied a superior status amongst the specialized faculties of the university post the establishment of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences which coincided with the revolution of Higher Education in 1990. Such status is no doubt attributed to this faculty because of serving Arabic and Islamic heritage in addition to the fact that Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran and the vessel of Islamic civilization.

  The faculty began with two departments:   

Department of Syntax Morphology and linguistics, and Department of Literature Criticism and Rhetoric. That year witnessed the birth of the third department of Arabic Language for Non-Arabic Speakers to help students of East Asian countries and students of interlingual interference regions to understand Arabic language. The same year also witnessed the birth of the Journal of the Faculty.