It is one of the achievements of Higher Education Revolution which began the year 1410H, corresponding to 1990 AD. It was established in the year 1412 H corresponding to 1992 AD, and included three departments:

1. Communication and Public Relations.

2. Journalism and Publishing Department.

3. Radio and Television.


In 1422-1423 H, corresponding to the year 2001-2002 AD a fourth department, Da’wah and Communication Systems was established. Communication and Public Relations department was transformed into the department of Public Relations and Advertising.

Specialization at all departments begins at the second year. At the first year, students receive university prerequisite courses, faculty prerequisites courses in addition to courses of specialization.


It is worth mentioning that in the course of their studies, students at all departments receive practical training at Media Production and Training Center at the university.

The faculty main premises are located in the university campus in Al Thawra north of Omdurman Park. This represents the Male-Student faculty branch while the Female-Student faculty branch is located in the Female-Student Center north of Abd AlQayum Gate in Omdurman.