Establishing academic and professional broadcasting Media with an objective influential and active informational mission to work beyond  local , regional and international perspective in order to realize the message of Islam represented in ‘the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vices

  Realizing the message of Islam through audio-visual aids at the local, regional and international levels.

The faculty aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. To emphasize and authenticate the identity of the nation.  

2. To teach media curriculum according to originality-based curriculum through linking it to Islamic Aqeedah (Islamic faith) and values ​​of the Muslim community.

3.  To conduct scientific research in media in general and in the Islamic media in particular based on Islamic intellectual fundamentals which take in current questions of the time.

4. To cooperate with counterpart faculties in Sudan and other countries to serve the Muslim community.

5.  To prepare students and develop their potential.

6. To produce trained and qualified graduates to contribute to community development through guiding and leading public opinion.

7.  To contribute to research and studies, and to participate in fields of authentication of media.

8. To contribute to community service through courses held at the faculty for media professionals, Muslim preachers and Aimat al-masjaid (Imams of mosques).