- To be a distinguished faculty capable of attracting interest of outstanding university and secondary school students.

 - To endeavor to build a scientific and knowledge-based community.

- To build a distinct creative and innovative community based on Islamic values.

1. To offer a distinguished educational program based on curriculum sustainability review.

2. To conduct excellence-based authentication and Islamicization research in Economics and Sociology.

1.  To provide a supportive learning environment.

2.  To build an administrative organization capable of creativity and innovation.

3.  To contribute to Da’wa and community work.

4.  To develop competent graduates and specialists in sociology.

5. To investigate the timeless civilization of Islam and its impact on the enlightenment of other civilizations.

6. To connect the nation's heritage to its present and to take advantage of its benefits in the future.

7.  In-depth study of the history of Asalaf Asalih (the righteous predecessors) to benefit from their approach in the present and the future.

8. To consider the advantageous lessons derived from the history of the Islamic nation and to correct the disadvantages resulted from misunderstanding the early history of Islam.

9. To contribute to authentication of economic, administrative and accounting activities for the purpose of discussing and linking issues of the time to Islam.

10. To conduct scientific research in the fields of economics, administrative sciences and accounting.

11. To study the Sudanese and Arab heritage and revive the aspects connected to Islam.

12. To contribute to the construction of the civilizational orientation of the nation through application of religious values in people’s lives.

13. To strengthen the Islamic Aqeeda (faith) and Islamic religion in students in the way that would develop qualified leaders for the purpose of managing the economy, administration and accounting.

14. To cooperate with local and international authorities to serve Islam.