This Faculty was founded in early 2008 post the closing the Faculty of Education in Malakal, where the vice chancellor issued the Administrative Decision No (18/2008 AD) dated 27.3.2008 which provided the formation of a preliminary committee for establishment of the faculty.  Concluding its work, the committee issued a report recommending the establishment of a faculty comprising five scientific departments containing the following disciplines:

1. Department of the Holy Quran and Islamic Studies

2. Department of Arabic Language

3. Department of Foreign Languages

4. Department of Educational and Social Sciences

5. Department of Science and Mathematics

 The sub-committee of the Faculty of Education held a number of intensive meetings and workshops attended by main and sub-committees consisting of experts and specialists in various disciplines from within the university and other Sudanese universities. These committees prepared curricula, academic plans and course contents for the educational, Art and scientific courses.

 Study at the faculty began in the academic year 2008-2009 AD with three departments where establishment of the other departments was postponed to a later time. The three departments were as follows:

1.  Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences

2.  Department of Arts

3.  Department of Sciences