Reflecting the vision of the university in all its dimensions, the Faculty of Education seeks to

 achieve the following:

  • To be an Islamic intellectual cultural institution that works for producing knowledge on the guidance of the Holy Quran.
  • To promote scientific research for the purpose of achieving originality in sciences in response to contemporary changes.
  •  To participate in developing and shaping the Sudanese community through monitoring, directing and reforming.
  •  To contribute to sustainability of Islamic nation’s civilizational endeavor in the way that would convey the values ​​which reflect the identity of the Islamic nation of the Sudanese community.

As the university's mission is to confirm the nation identity, carry out tasks of scientific authentication, teach the Holy Quran and its Sciences, Sunnah and its Sciences, Arabic language and its literature, Islamic and community studies, Islamic heritage, and scientific research in its various disciplines, the mission of the faculty is to be realized within the framework of the University mission by featuring excellence and outperforming counterpart faculties at other universities in educational and academic fields, scientific research, and community service.

Being in conformity with the objectives of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences, the faculty of Education aims at realizing the following:


1. To authenticate cultural belonging to the Islamic nation by making the Holy Quran and

    Islamic studies central to knowledge as well as a way of life.


2. To become a center for knowledge development, learning, teaching, as well as a university for

    pedagogical and academic sciences originating from the guidance of Islam and its teachings.


3. To carry out educational and academic preparation of students to become scientifically and

    educationally qualified teachers as well as being committed to ethics and behavior.


4. To seek to upgrade educational process advancement inside and outside Sudan.

5. To serve the community through effective contribution to education development and

    dissemination of educational awareness.

6. To contribute to educational qualification of teachers of the Holy Quran, Islamic Studies

    and other disciplines.

7. To supervise graduate students in the field of education and other disciplines.

8. To contribute effectively to educational advancement of scientific research in finding solutions

    for educational issues and problems.