Providing a distinguished standard of student care to qualify them for community leadership in such a way that will enable them to guide, instruct and reform the community in accordance with the guidance of the Holy Qur'an, the Prophetic Sunnah and requirements of fields of knowledge in the present times.

The Deanship aims at providing academic, cultural, and psychological care for the students. It also aims at strengthening social and educational values as well as it is concerned with developing appreciation for the sense of tolerance, cooperation and renunciation of violence in them.

1.  Providing care and counseling for students.

2. Deepening the sense of belonging to the university, the country and the nation.                            

3. ‘Tazkiyat mujtama ltulab’ purification and protection of the student community, and improving students’ general appearance.

4. Developing the sense of companionship between the scholar and the learner.

5.  Providing care for talented students and preparing them to realize the mission of the university.

6. Paying due attention to graduates and linking them with the university.