The Secretariat for Academic Affairs aims at developing and following up academic performance at university faculties and other scientific units in terms of curricula, curriculum plans, examination systems and scientific research.

   It is responsible for supervising the functions of the senate as of endorsing academic degrees (Bachelor, Diploma, Masters and Doctoral degrees) besides the work of its specialist committees, following up and implementation of decisions, and records keeping.

  The Secretariat is dedicated to providing scientific training for members of the academic staff and teaching assistants. It supervises agreements on cultural exchange between the University of the Holy Quran and other universities and institutions of higher education and scientific research in Sudan and abroad. It supervises implementation of such agreements in addition to organization of research leaves.

  The Secretariat is also responsible for student’s admission, relevant procedures of inter- faculty and inter-university transfer, issuing certificates (Bachelor and Diplomas), maintenance of relevant records and statistics, organization of graduation ceremonies and certificate authentication.

 Distance Education Centers outside Sudan are also linked to this secretariat which is responsible for coordination, admission and registration through supervisors and administration of examination. It also carries out responsibility of preparing the academic calendar, supervising evaluation of students’ results and providing academic advising and counseling for students.