The Executive Administration ensures implementation of the resolutions and guidelines made by the university Administration. It comprises:

The University Council: It is the University’s supreme governing body. It is responsible for policies and plans that will achieve development of the University, ensure good academic, administrative and financial performance in addition to developing its work systems and methods.

The Council holds office for a period of four years. It comprises: the Chairperson, the Vice Chancellor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, the Principal, a body of deans and managers of independent institutions, elected members from the academic staff, students, employees, administrators, technicians, in addition to specialized experts from other universities.

The Vice Chancellor (President of the University)

The Vice Chancellor is the senior executive official and shall be responsible to the University Council for the University performance and achievement of its goals.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor

The Deputy Vice Chancellor shall provide the necessary assistance to the Vice Chancellor in carrying out his functions and shall act on his behalf in case of absence.

The Principal

The Principal shall be appointed by the University Council and shall be responsible to the Vice Chancellor for administrative and financial performance of the University.