Media has become an effective and dangerous weapon upon which the whole globalized world now depends in peace and war. The importance of media increases as long as methods of life, civilization and civil life progress and develop. Media has the power of magic and power of influence in public opinion. It can transform the image of untruth to look attractive yet can distort the truth and skew our perception of reality.

    Public relations are described by communication scientists as the engineering of consent and employment portal at any institution. It is one of the most important administrations of the university. Among its functions is to introduce the university to the public opinion as an academic institution of a distinguished mission and an objective role in the community at home and abroad. It also pays due attention to the individual starting from the university employee, to promote his awareness and make him a good Muslim with mission reflecting knowledge, guidance and reform values.

          The role and importance of Administration of Information and Public Relations at the U of HQIS  have increased due to the importance of the University and its name; the name of the Noble book of Allah as the first university around the globe to have this name. The U of HQIS is honored to serve the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) through its employees, administration, academic staff, students, graduates and laborers. It is honored to be a minaret of knowledge and a strong Islamic institution aiming at strengthening the fundamentals and teachings of this religion and disseminating Islamic Da’wah and lights of guidance everywhere.

The Department of Information and Public Relations was established in 1990 as one of the university administrations. It gradually developed into an administration with responsibilities, objectives and functions. The Department includes Information and Publication Department and Public Relations Department. It seeks to complete its administrative structure through completing the other administrative and technical departments, and this is accompanied by qualifying its working staff.

The administration assumes responsibility of carrying out the following tasks:

  • Gathering news of the various activities of the university, and reports of the academic staff’s participations in monthly conferences and publishing them in Al-Hurra newspaper, SUNA and the rest of daily newspapers besides the university magazine (Nour Al-Mathani).
  • Participation in some of the mass media personnel occasions to strengthen relationship with them.
  • Documentation of the various activities of the university in all administrative, cultural and academic activities.
  • Participation of university employees in social events.
  • The Department reports on the news of the university and higher education.
  • Protocol preparations beside distribution of the annual calendar, daily newspapers and the university newspaper (Nour Al-Mathani).
  • Procedures of issuing (passports – nationality identity cards - visas) and follow-up of employees and their families’ requirements at all public services, and travel of university employees to the Hajj and various conferences and activities inside Sudan and abroad.
  • To highlight the role of the university as an academic institution concerned with promotion of Da’wah of Islam and its intellectual impact on all sectors and institutions of the community through its academic programs.
  • To strengthen the links of the university with the academic institutions and research centers at home and abroad through exchanging information and visits.
  • To provide the various mass media with the university news.
  • To contribute to improvement of work environment and development of fellowship links between employees, and fostering the sense of belonging to the University.