To offer authentic educational process supported by modern technologies and application of quality and excellence standards.

The administration strives to improve and develop distance Education through providing supportive educational environment to be consistent with the University policy in this field. We seek to enhance the University’s academic status and contribute to development of academic staff members, students and employees through establishment of a parallel educational system to serve the University mission in creating a fully aware, faithful and self-reliant generation capable of exploiting modern means to achieve effective social change.

The Department of Distance Education aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • 1- To provide the opportunity for continuing education inside Sudan and abroad through use of available modern technologies.
  • 2- To make use of communication and education technology to achieve effectiveness in educational process through both asynchronous and synchronous systems.
  • 3- To develop the university book for the purpose of supporting distance Education students.
  • 4- To develop courses and curricula to suit students’ characteristics.
  • 5- To contribute to cultural development of the Islamic nation by offering educational model combining between originality and requirements of the time.